iZSearch - Less Ads & Spam, More Features & Privacy.

iZSearch is Privacy focused, clean from the Ads and Spam web search engine.

iZSearch Main page

Main page of iZSearch can be expanded to see headlines news and feeds from over 40 areas of human interest including Top News and Blogs, Science and Technology, Politics, Sports, Food, Travel, Business, and Health, among many others.

Great Results

iZSearch has everything you expect a search engine to have, including images, videos, news and places, all while respecting your privacy.

Search images, videos and places

iZSearch searches for images, videos, places and all kinds of media information.

Vertical pages

iZSearch searches for thematic news, topics, stories, articles, and reviews from over 40 areas of human interest.

Thematic (Vertical) search

Over 40 Popular themes/verticals covered: Health, Food, Science, Tech, Music, Travel, Sports, Politics and many other.

Article page

With extended Description, Similar articles and Share options.

Mobile version

iZSearch automatically detects your mobile device (such as iphone, ipad, etc.) and shows correct version of the site.

Page previews

Page previews allow you to qickly see the web page preview and check if the page is really what you want. Just roll over the title of the page. The feature that greatly saves your time!

Quick Buttons

Quick Buttons help you search directly on thousands of other popular web sites. A search for shoes returns Quick Butons like Amazon, Zappos, Gap etc. that will take you right to a search for shoes on Amazon, Zappos, Gap etc.


Topics - are thematic groups of visual buttons related to your search. For example for diabetes search you get Health, Health&Fitness and other themes, whereas for iphone 6s you get - Shopping, Gadgets, Tech reviews, News, Videos and other topics.

Advanced search

Advanced search - allows you to search using search operators and other punctuation to get more specific search results. It allows you to narrow down your search results for complex searches. For example, you can “Find wikipedia pages talking about drugs affecting breast cancer on the gene or DNA level”: (drugs "breast cancer" (gene OR DNA) site: wikipedia.org) Additionally it allows you specify the types of results you to be returned (not only web pages), for example: Emails, Names, Cities, Countries, etc.

Interaction with User Community

You can report features, bugs or any problems live on the web site

Real Privacy

We offer a search service which does not retain or share any of your personal information. iZSearch does not download “cookies” onto people’s devices. It does not register the “IP address” which pinpoints a users computer. It does not "filter" search results. That is distinct from what other companies do. We are not anonymizing/encrypting the data. We actually throw it away - everything related to the user and anything that is personally identifiable.

Fewer adds and commercials

And the last but not the least feature: we do really have much fewer Ads and clutter on the search results page then other search engines do. By default, iZSearch shows only minimal ads at the bottom of the search results page. iZSearch does not sell data about you to third parties, including advertisers and data brokers.

  • What is iZSearch?

    iZSearch is a general purpose search engine that is intended to be your starting place when searching the Internet. Use it to get way more instant answers, way less spam and real privacy, which we believe adds up to a much better overall search experience...

  • Name?

    The name iZSearch is derived from Easy Search, but it's not a metaphor. If you're wondering how you would turn that into a verb... Search it easy!

  • How does iZSearch handle user agents?

    A user agent identifies your browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) and provides certain system details to the websites you visit. Your web browser automatically sends this information to every webpage you visit...

  • How do I install iZSearch as my default search engine in Chrome?

    The Chrome web browser has a unique way of performing default searches. Rather than give you a search box in the upper right corner of your browser to perform searches, Chrome has you type your search term(s) directly into the address (URL) bar...

  • What is a SSL/TLS Server Certificate?

    Whenever you use your web browser to communicate securely over the Internet (i.e. for banking, private search through iZSearch, etc.) you are using a technology known as SSL (Secure SocketLayer) or TLS (Transport Layer Security)...

  • Am I still getting cookies even though I am using your service?

    iZSearch does not use tracking cookies of any kind.

    There are two ways you could pick up a cookie when using our service:

    The first is an anonymous iZSearch Settings cookie that you can choose to accept...

  • How do you know my language or location if you don't store information about me?

    iZSearch does not record IP addresses. We determine which browser you are using (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.) so we can customize the link on our home page that allows you to add iZSearch to your browser...

  • What is iZSearch's cookie policy?

    iZSearch does not use tracking cookies, and we do not access or review cookies placed on your browser by other websites.

    If you use the iZSearch Settings page and save your preferences...

  • What exactly gets recorded in your server logs? (IP Address? User Agent?)

    We have customized our Web server software so that it does not log any IP addresses or user agents. It writes in lieu of an IP address and leaves a blank space for the user agent. No unique IP address is ever stored on our systems...

  • What is Architecture of iZSearch?

    iZSearch is coded in Java, served via nginx, FastCGI and memcached, running on FreeBSD and Ubuntu via daemontools. We both run our own servers across the world. Your connection generally goes to the closest regional server available to your area...

  • Does iZSearch add privacy protection to other sites I visit?

    No, iZSearch does not add privacy protection to websites you visit. The websites you visit are third-party websites and are not part of iZSearch. iZSearch protects your privacy as you search for information...

  • Is iZSearch compatible with Windows 10 / Edge?

    iZSearch is now compatible with Windows 10/Edge.

    To add iZSearch as a default search engine in Edge, please open your Edge browser, and follow the instructions given here...

  • What is your data collection policy? What do you record?

    We don't collect any personal information on our visitors.

    When you use iZSearch, we do not record your IP address, we do not record which browser you are using (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc.), we do not record your...

  • Can iZSearch store my favorite websites and bookmarks?

    iZSearch makes a point of not storing your searches and not recording the websites you visit.

    However iZSearch has a big library of popular resources that you can directly serach...

  • Does iZSearch have an Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate?

    Traditional SSL certificates provide basic information about the certificate holder, as well as the organization that issued the certificate. However, the amount of validation done to confirm the identify of the organization requesting the certificate...

  • How does HTTPS encryption protect me? Does it keep my ISP from seeing me?

    The "https (SSL or "secure socket layer"/TLS "transport layer security") encrypted" connection you make with iZSearch prevents your Internet service provider (ISP) from seeing what you're searching for while you are on iZSearch...

  • Where can I find more background information on privacy issues?

    The websites of various privacy organizations are a great starting point for locating an abundance of background information on this subject...

  • Where is the site map?

    You can find sitemap by following this link: iZSearch sitemap

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