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Your Ad is the ONLY ONE on the desired page

Per our philosophy - "one ad per page" - Your ad will be the only one on the page you desire. Simply, this page will "belong" to You, you can distribute and share it with your friends and partners and be sure it is always there.

You are 100% percent sure Your Ad is ALWAYS There

Unlike other Ad platforms where you compete with others for the Ad space and never know when your Ad is shown, with iZAds You are the only one that will be advertised on "Your" page and You are 100% sure that your Ad is always there.

No hidden fees. You know EXACTLY how much You pay

You know EXACTLY how much You pay, for what period of time and what keywords at the moment of purchase. No hidden fees, no hidden calculations. You pay once and see the result!

Buy MANY keywords for a FIXED PRICE

Managing many keywords in your Ad Campaign is made easy. You can bulk upload many keywords from your file, instantly see your price and get a discount. You also get a discount for reserving a keyword for a longer period of time.

PRIVACY- we do not use your keywords for anything else

Per iZSearch philosophy we offer a search service which does not retain or share any of your personal information. We do not use your keywords or search data for any other purpose.

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