iZAds provides a possibility to advertise your business through the highly focused channels across a broad spectrum of areas.

iZSearch Vertical/Thematic channels include: thematic news, topics, stories, articles, and reviews from over 40 areas of human interest including Top News and Blogs, Science and Technology, Politics, Sports, Food, Travel, Business, and Health, among many others. Promote your business through the Vertical/Thematic channels with the following types of Ads:

Promoted Articles

See your Ads/articles among latest articles on iZSearch Vertical pages.

Vertical Search Snippets

Your Ads/articles will be shown among Vertical search results.

Add Your Company to iZSearch Listings

You can add Your company to our listings at the top of the Thematic (e.g. Travel) page and see your data among latest vertical data and search results.

Become a Sponsor of a Vertical Page

Become a sponsor of our vertical page and your banner will always be at the top of the specific vertical page, and see your results among vertical search results.