Most popular brands of 2019
# Logo Name Country Brand Value
1 Amazon $150,811M
2 Apple $146,311M
3 Google $120,911M
4 Samsung $92,289M
5 AT&T $82,422M
6 Microsoft $81,163M
7 Facebook $76,526M
8 Verizon $62,826M
9 Walmart $61,480M
10 ICBC $61,480M
Top Richest People in the World 2019
  • Company Leaders

    You have a company or small business and want to monitor in real time what people are saying on-line about your products and brands?
    Use iZBrands (from iZSearch) to understand how the community feels about the changes you made in the last release and see the effectiveness of you current activities.
    Identify sudden changes in the discussion volume to protect your company image.

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  • Marketing and Sales

    You are the Marketing, Sales, PR or Product Manager and want to get feedback from your users?
    Use iZBrands (from iZSearch) to analyze buzz quality and quantity to gain new insights about your customers and stay up to date with users' opinion changes.
    Detect sales opportunities and improve your product or brand according to what users want.

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  • Competition Analysis

    Want to compare with your competitors? Track your competition- see what they publish, where they go (places, events, conferences, etc.), what and where they advertise. See comparative statistical analysis of how your competitors performed over the same metrics (period of time, users age groups, gender, geo-locations, etc.).
    Spot your weaknesses (before your competitors do) and react in real-time

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  • Scientists and Students

    You are a student or scientist and want to do statistical analysis of "drug usage", "poor quality", "bad packaging", "side effects" and other specific details about your drugs on the market.
    Generate detailed reports (PDF, Excel, Word) with a lot of statistics and infografics over various metrics, such as time, geo location, age groups, gender and other.

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  • Universities, Schools and Organisations

    You represent a University/Institution, School or Public Organization and want to know what your (and other) students say about Your University? What are the problems and challenges your students are worried about: classrooms, anxiety, violence? What are your teachers concerned about? Identify problematic areas and react quickly before they get worse.

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  • Celebrities, Politicians and Public Figures

    You are a public person, celebrity, politician or a famous blogger! You are working hard to promote your name in public media and want to monitor the buzz about your name! You want to have a political, promotional or marketing campaign!
    Follow-up on positive comments from your name ambassadors, or respond to a dissatisfied citizens before the story gets ahead of you. Track your opponents, see fake and real news about you and your competition.

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  • Investors and Traders

    You are an investor and want to invest smartly?
    Use iZBrands (from iZSearch) to monitor your favorite stocks or companies and see changes (positive or negative) in the publics' opinions about your company's products and brands in real time. React quickly before these changes hit the market.
    Are you trading Euro-Dollar pair, want to get all the ECB, FRS, EUR, USD data systematized in one place together with all the analytics and be a step ahead of the market/FOREX events?

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  • Trading Companies

    You are a trading company and want to provide more analytics tools for stocks and markets on the Web Monitoring, Live News, Social Media insights, Sentiment analysis, Statistical tools and Web Infographics?

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